Everything that you need to know about McAfee Identity Theft Protection

We already know that McAfee is a great product when it comes to ensuring security solutions for cloud, endpoint, and antivirus. While McAfee is a good antivirus program, it has several great products that are designed to provide safety on all your major devices. One of the best McAfee products is McAfee Identity Theft Protection. The software is designed for personal identity and credit monitoring and it includes benefits such as cyber monitoring, $1M identity theft insurance, 1-Bureau Credit card monitoring, SSN Trace, and 24/7/365 dedicated agents to answer your queries and provide you the required help.

You need to buy McAfee Identity Theft Protection as a standalone product. However, you can also go for its free subscription if you have a McAfee product subscription with a multi-device license.

Steps to enroll in McAfee Identity Theft Protection

It is to enroll in McAfee Theft Protection. You can enroll in it through the standalone product which is available in three versions, namely: Standard, Plus, or Premium; you can also enroll in it through your McAfee account, and you can also enroll in it through your McAfee product.

McAfee Identity Theft Protection

In order to login into the account, simply go through the following steps:

  • Visit mcafee.com/activate
  • Go to my account and click it.
  • Click sign in.
  • Enter your email address and password.
  • Now click log in.
  • Click “get started” and you will get a message from McAfee on your email.
  • As you go to your email, you will find a message. Open it and click “activate now.”
  • You will come across the McAfee Identity Theft Protection screen which you can utilize to fill in your details.
  • Accept the license agreement to successfully create an account.

In case you don’t have an already existing McAfee account, you can buy a standalone product and log in to the identity theft protection using the following steps:

  • Open your product and start following the steps (as prompted) to complete the enrollment process.
  • You will receive a message on your mail and you can activate your product from there.
  • Fill your details on the screen.
  • Accept the license agreement and start your McAfee account via www.mcafee.com/activate.

You can also log in through your McAfee product. Start following the steps:

  • Open your McAfee product.
  • Look for an “identity theft profile.” You might also found something like “we found something that might be suspicious.”
  • Click the identity theft tile.
  • Click sign in.
  • Like always, type your “user-id” and “password.”
  • Click sign in again.

Unable to access McAfee Identity Theft Protection

In case you are not able to access McAfee theft protection, you might be having some problem with your internet browser. This implies that you need to use the browsers such as “Microsoft Internet Explorer 11,10,” Mozilla Firefox 56, Google Chrome 63, and Apple Safari 11.

You have to make sure that your McAfee Identity theft protection is authenticated otherwise you would not be able to use its premium version. While setting up, the software asks several questions. In case you answer those questions incorrectly, the authentication process would fail. You may contact technical support to answer the problem that you are facing.

Free trial of McAfee Identity theft protection

You got to be eligible for using the free trial of the software. Well, the free subscription is granted only to the registered McAfee account holder. In case you have a McAfee product, you got to follow the above-mentioned steps to get a free trial of McAfee Identity theft protection. Have you ever used McAfee identity protection? Share your experience.

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