Now Gamers can stay Secured with McAfee Gamer Security

One of the biggest risk for gamers when installing a game is the virus that comes with it. A virus once attacks your system, corrupt all your files, and destroy your system. To help such gamers, McAfee developed McAfee Gamer Security. This system comes with a super-light antivirus component that never interrupts gameplay with a set of boosts aimed at making your gaming experience speedier and smoother. The best part is the price, which is quite less and gives unlimited licenses for every Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS device in your household.

Getting Started with Security-

McAfee gamer security is easy to install and is quick compared to other antivirus utilities. Its main window uses a slate-gray theme that’s reminiscent of popular game platforms, and its home page is devoted to boosting performance. There is a security page featuring big status indicator and a simple toggle for real-time scanning. It is always recommended to keep the Real-Time Scanning on.

Another thing to note here is other McAfee antivirus utilities accept installation on different versions of Windows. However, Gamer Security requires Windows 10. In addition, not just any Windows 10—you must have at least version 1809, the October 2018 update.

Other features to know-

Like other McAfee products, Gamer security’ real-time protection does not scan files merely. It waits until the file is launched fully. Similarly, there are other features that make Gamer Security the best antivirus product for gamers to use. This security does not attempt to steer the browser away from malicious or fraudulent. It uses streamlined antivirus technology aimed at supporting the gaming experience.

Bottom Line-

McAfee Gamer security is the best product from the brand that has brought major security for gamers. It detects that you have launched the full-screen game so it can halt the scanning until your game is over. Since it has the game priority features, it does not come in between you and your game. This is the perfect product that you must invest in and experience the game.

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